The Free Copy Initiative

Free copy? How is that even a thing?

Now, if you’ve been around my blog/portfolio, I make it very evident that I write ideas for money. That’s been my promise, to be honest and upfront about what I do. But probably for the first time, I’m about to do something that isn’t in sync with my mission statement. I’m giving away copies for free. Here’s why.

For every Netflix and Groupon you see killing it on social, you see duds that are just disappointingly bad. A lot of them are legacy brands trying to now catch up with the social age, there are also a lot of startups where the founders are wearing a marketer’s hat, within that there is a copywriter’s mini-fedora. They put in great time, effort and money to populate their marketing real estate, only to see poor returns. After that it’s the simple law of gratification, if there are no results, the motivation to persist reduces drastically. People abandon platforms, change up their strategy completely or start ignoring it altogether.

I’ve decided to lend a hand to these brands. I’m giving away some free content pieces for anybody and everybody to use under “The free copy initiative.”

I’m leveraging my years of experience writing for different industries and my understanding of what works for the intended audience.

This is, of course, intended towards tight-pocketed brands who cannot afford good writers to do their bidding for them. I would also like these copies to be available for art students who are looking to do mock campaigns for their portfolios.

This isn’t charity. You can always pay me if this helps you. This is me doing my bit to improve the content I see around me, one good headline at a time. It also gives me a chance to put my work out there.

It would be great if you tell me what you’re using so I can strike it off making it easier for the next bloke.

To start off with, I’m adding some headlines for beverage brands to pick up and satiate their thirst for good business this summer. You can find them here.

And I’m throwing in a script of an explainer video on how compound interest works. This can come in handy for insurance/investment brands or educational brands if they see fit. You can read it here.

If you know any brands that fall into these categories, and are hustling hard on tight budgets, share this article with them! You can also give me suggestions for my next round of free copy giveaway. Cheers!  

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The free copy initiative