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Compound interest is complicated. That’s a huge problem insurance companies have been facing in India, teaching mathematics to prospective customers. Few years ago, I had channeled my inner Dr. Seuss, and wrote a poem that explains this mathematical phenomenon that I’m leaving here for any brand to use in any context as they please. (Call me Dr. SuesSDR if you will)

You can also commission me to customise or edit this script for your brand.

If you need any talented animator to create this video, let me know, I might know somebody.

<the title is, of course, intentional>

Bhiku, Meeku and their Chikoos!

Just another day in the garden of chikoos, brothers Bhiku & Meeku were loitering around,
Their uncle Golu served them a fresh batch of chikoos; the heights of their joy were out of bounds!

They hogged and gorged them all one-by-one,
Never else did they have as much fun

They wound up all the fruits without any sorrow,
Tossed around their seeds like there is no tomorrow

They kept eating and eating ignoring the outcome,
Magically popping out around them was its result at random!

When full, they laid back to gaze at their surroundings,
to their surprise they realise they discovered the power of compounding!

They were surrounded by the garden’s lush green meadows!
Shaded underneath their heavenly shadows

Each seed turned into a tree, Each fruit made two,
they kept doubling up without having anything to do!

If a fruit makes two trees and a tree produces a hundred,
how many trees would be made if each made a hundred?

Questioned by this riddle, they thought right and wrong,
only to realise they sat over a gold mine all along!

And thus, a chikoo made few, and few made abundant,
they reaped the fruits faster and they grew more confident

Bhiku & Meeku have prospered through their magical gardening,
But there was no real magic, only the power of compounding!


  1. Nisha Prakash
    May 17, 2019 at 5:56 am

    My gosh….you are talented!

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