Free headlines for a beverage brand

It’s summertime here in Mumbai. The propensity to consume cold beverages goes higher than the temperatures. If you’re a beverage brand trying to get your cold drink stand out of the clutter, make use of these free headlines. Don’t be a hoarder and leave some for others. I had a lot of headlines in my system since my time working on Coca-Cola, their strict brand guidelines had no use for such copy. But I came up with it, and someone should benefit from these, right?

It’ll be great if you could tell me which headline you’ve used, and I can come back here and mark it ‘claimed’ to avoid repetition. As mentioned, these headlines are free to use. If you need something specific, you can commission me, I write in English and Hindi. Cheers!

~ Shivam

  • My heart goes brrrr
  • Unleash your inner cool
  • You can take away my heart but you can’t take my <beverage of choice>!
  • BRB, time for a refill
  • Take a chill fill
  • Out of <beverage of choice>, out of order
  • Pop-a-quench
  • Let’s get the sweat out of here!
  • Stay in cool, kids!
  • Refreshment Guaranteed
  • Pour in the cool!
  • Ice cold <beverage of choice> = bliss
  • Chill the <your beverage> out!
  • Instant fix of cool
  • The quickest of all quench
  • High on cool!
  • Ctrl+R your senses
  • Sip, Refresh, Repeat
  • Goes cool with hot snacks!

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