McDonald’s – Battle of Spicy

The McSpicy Burger was an instant success when it launched, and like most things people love… it was too, taken for granted.

The challenge was to make the consumer vocal about their love for the McSpicy brethren. But wait what’s this? There’s a spicier competitor in town that’s gaining popularity, ready to take the instant classic’s spot.

Ooh, this story has spice and drama! Lovely. Things get serious when the Brothers of Demotivation; Raghu & Rajiv choose sides and heat up this rivalry. Who will win? Which burger shall survive to be served another day? What role does Freecharge have in this rivalry?

Find out here.wp-1461525826814.jpg

Update: Over the past week the campaign won a special silver for ‘Campaign with the best ROI’ and a gold for the ‘Best campaign – Online Advertising – Web’ at the #IDMA2016.

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