ISUZU X Food Festival – 2019

ISUZU X Food Festival brought together local delicacies from various Indian states under one roof, or rather on a fairly large ground.
Being the inaugural edition of the event, it required us to create excitement for the festival while educating the audience about various cuisines.

Since, there was no history to fall back on in terms of visual representation and the vendor volatility required us to have a long pre-buzz period where we set the premise without really getting into specifics.

The lead-up towards the event created a rush of content in terms of sponsor deliverables, cuisine and vendor showcase, curation (influencer) activities, engagement contests, artist line-up and workshop promotions.

Due to budget constraints, the challenge was to devise a low-cost promotion strategy that created intrigue for the “premium culinary experience”.
We designed most of the content using free stock images to cut down costs.

Function notes:
-Content strategy
-Creative direction
-Social media management
-Lead generation
-Live-event coverage
-Food-tasting (voluntarily and on our own dime)

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