Building brand Roambee

Offering my expertise in branding, content, design, UX and growth hacking.

Set up an ‘in-house agency’
-Hired designers and a developer
-Created a system for task allocation and management
-Gave creative direction for design and development project
-Shielded the team from micro-managers and taskmasters

Brand look and feel
-Upgraded the brand look and feel from ‘generic cargo’ to ‘global IoT’
-Planned and executed brand colour maximisation to create brand recall
-Got rid of the ‘Museo’ font family (phew)
-Transitioned the brand out of ‘common stock photos’ to ‘proprietary vectors and graphics’
-Changed most ‘Title’ cases to ‘sentence’ cases
-Ergo, recreated brand guidelines and VIS

Recruiting (#datstartuplyf)
-Creating accurate job descriptions
-Scouting talent through (social and otherwise) networking
-Leveraging linkedin, behance, twitter, dribbble, github (everything but, since that was ironically used for PR contact hunting)
-Tracking recruitment process through breezyHR (our HR was busy)

Content management through SharePoint
-Defining nomenclatures for files
-Placing key documents as per buyer’s journey and making it accessible
-Creating a cheat sheet for the lazy
-Slowly taking people through the folders

Brand positioning
-Compiled competitive info
-Set up automated streams that blast competitor news on company chat apps
-Created an idiot-friendly brand positioning framework

-Wrote 30+ webpages, few videos, couple of social posts and a few case studies
-QC’d emails for a few people

Planned and created a swanky new website and getting the company out of 2013 straight into 2019
-Website strategy
-Vendor management
-Design direction
-Surviving micromanagement

Function notes: IoT, Supply Chain, Logistics, Monitoring Solutions, Branding, Digital Marketing, Content

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