A degree in commerce, a bit of internet savvy, and a simple little blog led me to lead creative for some of the biggest brands in the world. Cool stuff, right? 

Anyway, here’s my career journey so far in the form of a side-scrolling adventure.

(no, really, you got to scroll to your sides)

Humble Beginnings
May 2012

The only copywriter in a creative team of 9 designers. Wrote a lot of good copy for The Coca-Cola Company portfolio of beverages, IDBI Federal, ICICI Prudential, Tata Croma and VIP innerwear among few others. 

I was also a foot model for VIP socks. 

Social Media Dominance
May 2014
Creative Supervisor

Creative lead on Sony MAX, Sony MAX2, Sony MIX & Viacom18 INS. Consistently did cool meme stuff that trended organically and helped our brand reach #1 on social.  
Also led digital creative for the Indian Premier League on Sony for two years in a row ('15, '16 & '17) along with projects for Vodafone India, Nutralite, Sony LIV among few others. Have won 4 awards so far for the above mentioned Sony brands and have Sony MAX's creative showcases featured in Facebook Studio, Social Samosa and AFAQs.

June 2017
Creative Supervisor

Creative Supervisor for Vodafone Business
- Wrote 150+ compelling eDMs
- Rewrote the bulk of webpages on the VBS website
- Created numerous intriguing social posts
- Worked closely with senior designers, writers, account managers, social strategists, DTP operators and the tech team to meet project requirements
- Was part of Vodafone's global rebranding
- Was part of a comic strip series that was unfortunately scrapped post rebranding 🙁
- Gained expertise in B2B marketing in general and learned how to brand IoT as a service

which takes me to...

From BCom to Brand Comm
May 2018
Brand Communications Manager

Offered my expertise in branding, content, design, UX and growth hacking.

1. Set up an 'in-house agency':
-Created a system for task allocation and management
-Gave creative direction for design and development projects

2. Planned and created a swanky new website and getting the company out of 2013 straight into 2019.

3. Upgraded the brand look and feel from 'generic cargo' to 'global IoT'. Created brand guidelines.

4. Content management through SharePoint
- Defining nomenclatures for files
- Placing key documents as per buyer's journey and making it accessible
- Creating a cheat sheet for the lazy
- Slowly taking people through the folders

5. Brand positioning
- Compiled competitive info
- Set up automated streams that blast competitor news on company chat apps
- Created an idiot-friendly brand positioning framework

6. Content
- Wrote 30 webpages, couple of social posts and a few case studies
- QC'd emails for a few people

Very Creative Director
May 2019
Creative Consultant
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April 2021
Associate Creative Director
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January 2022
Creative Strategy & Integrations
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