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Hello, I'm Shivam, a writer and creative strategist based out of Mumbai, India.

My words help agencies, brands and startups earn money, win awards, and gain visibility. 

I work remotely, and have two cats working with me as interns. They’re not very good at paperwork, but they love building things from scratch! 🐈🐈

Over the past decade, there’s a good chance you’ve read or seen something written by me.

Maybe, I tempted you into drinking a beverage. Or you’ve probably seen one of the movies I helped promote. Maybe we’ve celebrated the festival of cricket together!

What are the odds you received a parcel safely, thanks to me? Maybe, my words helped you get insured. Maybe, the last event you attended was promoted by me. I’m certain you’ve received a lot of business emails from me. (Sorry about that!)

Or maybe, you follow my cats on their instagram! (you should!)

Hell, maybe you’ve even bought some underwear from me!

My side-projects


An entertainment website that covers video games, books, movies, shows, comics and other random nerdy stuff.

Startup Asylum

An upcoming inspiration blog for startups with free resources & tools to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

Khaana Chacha

Tending to my inner broke college kid with budget friendly food escapades.

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