Okay maybe not vulgar, but what else would you call a website you make to promote yourself?

I’m Shivam, a writer and creative strategist. My words help agencies, brands and startups earn money, win awards, and gain visibility.

I’m a better writer than I’m at photoshop

Over the past 8 years, there’s a good chance you’ve read or seen something written by me.

Maybe, you’ve watched some of the movies I helped promote.

Maybe, you’ve drank a beverage I’ve helped sell.

Maybe, you’ve interacted with me through a brand handle while watching some cricket.

Maybe, something I wrote helped you get insured.

Maybe, you’ve bought some underwear from me.

Maybe, you’ve attended one of the events I’ve helped promote.

Maybe, you’ve received a parcel safely thanks to me.

Maybe, you’ve LOL’d on your phone, courtesy yours truly.

Maybe, you’ve received a lot of business emails from me. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Maybe, you’ve read one of my blogs.

Maybe, you’ve followed my cats on their instagram.

If you’re still reading, by now you know for sure whether I’m your cup of tea or not. If you still need further information, here are the companies that have procured my services. If you want a laundry list of items that I can write, it’s here.

Thank you for reading.

Time capsule / Older versions of my portfolio:

2014 – https://thecopydude.tumblr.com/shiv

2019 – https://thecopydude.wordpress.com/